Aaron "Showtime" Taylors joins WUBA

by David Walls

Aaron "Showtime" Taylors joins WUBA Western Conference as lead announcer for the Super National League season. Aaron’s vision for the WUBA aligns with our overall mission - assisting players in building more credibility within their professional careers while providing them with a platform that allows them to compete at a high level.

Aaron explains that, “My experience in sports - not just specifically women’s sports - is a long journey (analyst) that also reflects aspects of the Women's game gaining respect in the national conversation and media, dating back to the start of the WNBA. Because of that struggle to gain legitimacy, it’s been an uphill battle for women ballers after college. 

However, times have moved forward and women are getting the respect that they worked for (and deserve!) for the quality of the game on the court. In me and my voice, they'll now get the "Hype Person" that will equally reflect what's being done on the court.” 

When asked where he sees the progression of the WUBA within 3 to 5 years, he expresses that, “The WUBA can easily be seen as the G-League for the WNBA! The WUBA should have a steady and consistent rise - not only in talent, but in popularity as well. In 3 - 5yrs, I actually can see the league becoming so competitive that it merges into the WNBA, and making the WNBA the absolutely most powerful women’s league on earth. My plan is to bring "Showtime" to WUBA, making the fans a part of the experience, whether they're physically present or listening on platforms; I'm going to make you FEEL what's taking place on the court and in the building. What excites me is the chance to uplift these players. To allow the audience to be a part of that showcasing of professional athletes playing high quality basketball, in an entertaining way, and doing so with good sportsmanship.” 

It's an honor to have someone of Aaron's caliber onboard with the movement we are trying to implement for the basketball community here in California.