Atlanta Ambassadors of the WUBA win United Cup (Germany)

by Jermaine Barnes

The Atlanta Ambassadors are now the queens of the Copa Mitchell Cup. For the first time in event history, a new champion has been crowned. On Sunday night, the Ambassadors took down Santiago sealing this season's title with an 89-83 win. This title marks the first Mitchell Cup Champion outside of the GIE Maile Matrix dynasty, earning the first sweep in the Finals since 2015. 

But enough with the history lesson. This is the time to talk about the Finals. It was another spectacular performance by American Carrie Washington (183-F/C-94, college: Columbus St.), who was named Mitchell Cup MVP for the 2019 season. Washington joined the Ambassadors just a month before to help them compete for a title (Mediterranean Cup - France). Not only has she now done that twice, but she's also captured Finals MVP along with Defensive Player of the Year honors. She's only the second player to win both Finals MVP and Defensive MVP awards in league history (Kristina King: 180-G/F-92, college: Richmond).

Washington earned seven votes, compared to Kristina King's four. Here is the history of the Mitchell Cup MVP:

2015: Kristina King
2016: Kristina King
2017: Andreina Paniagua (191-F-78)
2018: Esmery Martinez (188-F)
2019: Carrie Washington

Washington averaged 14.0 points, 18.3 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 3 blocks per game, while shooting 52.6 percent from the field.