Beautiful Ballers and International Non-Profit Announce New WUBA Franchise Ownership Group

by David Walls

Atlanta, GA - The WUBA announced its newest franchise, the Metro (Atlanta) Ballers. The new ownership group is headed by popular social media entity Beautiful Ballers and international non-profit Art In The Paint. Beautiful Ballers is committed to fostering positive reinforcement and promotion of everyday female athletes that are not only recognized for their athleticism, but also for various achievements and activities in which they are involved. Art In The Paint's mission is to renovate public outdoor basketball courts and install largescale works of art to strengthen communities, promote safety, inspire creativity, and encourage play.

Art In The Paint Executive Director A.R. Cooper is no stranger to the basketball. After several championships locally and internationally as a player, Cooper dove headfirst into coaching as a member of the Team USA staff in the 2014 Jones Cup in Taiwan. Since then, he's coached internationally in France, Spain, Dominican Republic, and Germany.

'We are excited to introduce this new ownership group and are deeply gratified by its commitment to the WUBA and the Atlanta community. We are proud to offer players the best experience possible in minor league sports. With excellent coaching, training, facilities, promotion, service opportunities, and a dedicated following of almost 350,000 supporters, we'll be able to put our athletes in the best position to grow and develop her brand,' said Ballers CEO Sara Sullivan.

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