Big Game Management Founder Gets an WUBA Team

by David Walls

Big Game Management chairman and CEO Eddie Kim is set to own a professional sports franchise as the WUBA set the stage for a new Los Angeles division.  

Kim will become the first Korean-American majority owner of a team in the history of the league.  

"The UBA has a large following in the Asian community from Japan, Philippians, Taiwan and China", said President Christy Luxe.  We felt it was absolutely necessary to bring this same energy to the WUBA.  

Kim has decided to name the new franchise the Los Angeles OTTN Mamba in honor of the late great Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi.  

"Kobe meant everything to me and the city of LA", said Kim.  It was only right to name the club after such a special person.  

Eddie has spent several years as a high school head swim coach, founder of USA Swimming non-profit program, and as a US Army officer. During this time he decided to continue his education, enrolling in graduate school at Central Michigan University. Kim graduated from Central Michigan University where he received a Master’s degree in Administration in Leadership and Organizational Development. In Spring 2020, Kim has become a certified WNBPA agent for the WNBA, a FIBA Basketball agent, and a Major League Soccer Agent. Currently in pursuit of Canadian football League Agent license.

Eddie founded Big Game Management Inc., in 2018.  Since starting his own agency, Eddie has worked with various recording artists ranging from local rappers to Korean Pop and Hip-Hop stars, models, E-Sports athletes, radio stations, Olympic Sports athletes and various film projects. His commitment to excellence has put him in position to represent, guide and mentor artists, entertainers and athletes as they follow their dreams.

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