CMC2019: Mitchell Cup welcomes Lady Generals (USA)

The Southern Lady Generals kick off 2019 by announcing their move into the arena of international competition by accepting invitation to compete in the Copa Mitchell Cup in Germany July 31 - Aug. 4. 2019. Building upon the successful history as one of the top WUBA teams, the Lady Generals and Head Coach Jared Johnson want to add to their championship legacy and extend their extensive track record of assisting women get overseas contracts. Since founding the Lady Generals in 2012 Coach Johnson has successfully moved players from his team to Portugal, Finland, Romania, Spain, Bosnia, Poland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Taiwan, Lebanon, Ecuador, and Australia. Among his accomplishments, Coach Jared Johnson also participated and received a credit in the filming of MIND/GAME a documentary on the legendary Chamique Holdsclaw who played a season with the Lady Generals, and served as the director of USA operations for the Italian agency 13BM.

As the premier competing team from the USA, the Lady Generals will face off against pro teams from Morocco, Lebanon, Dominican Republic & Germany for the 2019 Copa Mitchell Cup. Each team will face each other in a round-robin tournament before the top two are selected to compete for the title. The Lady Generals hope to make a good showing and win the title adding an international championship to their franchise accomplishments having won the WEST 4th Street Pro Nike title (2013), IBALL Rucker Park Title (2014), and 3 consecutive WUBA titles (2014, 2015, and 2016). "Our 2019 roster will also be fully scouted at the 2019 Copa Mitchell Cup by FIBA teams looking to sign players for the 2019-2020 season, and that's the primary reason for competing in this event." says Coach Johnson.

"I would also like to extend great appreciation to the organizers of the Copa Mitchell Cup, and to J.D. Barnes for the invite and the work done to create such a great opportunity for women's basketball."

The Lady Generals recruiting season for our 2019 Copa Mitchell Cup team has begun. Female players who want to get on the roster for real opportunity should email Coach Jared Johnson at . Players with excellent college and WNBA history are encouraged to make contact. Roster spots are limited to 10 players.