Toronto to Join WUBA as Expansion Conference

by David Walls

WUBA commissioner Earron Payton is thrilled with the growth of basketball in Canada, and announced the arrival of Canada.

Speaking from the WUBA's league headquarters in Atlanta with Usbasket's David Walls on the Sunday edition of the Usbasket, Payton spoke in depth about Toronto - a city he has visited and knows well.

Payton also echoed the sentiments of former commissioner Michael Davis, who previously expressed feelings of regret about how Canada expansion was handled.

The WUBA will now move forward with placing four clubs in the Toronto area. 'In retrospect, I'm happy we are moving to Toronto. I think Canada can be what the Bay Area was in 2020,' said Payton.

The league announced the Northern Conference (Canada) will be ran by Hoopqueens Non-Profit. They will open up with four clubs from Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough and York. MCC Toronto Basket has been one of the international power clubs led by Faatimah Amen-Ra (163-G-91, college: Toronto) . The club only players in FIBA related international events. Over the last three years the club has played in France (Mediterranean Cup), Germany (Mitchell Cup) and now La Vega, Dominican Republic. The federation just announced the signed of Toronto Basket in the 2021 United Cup.