WUBA All-Star Game 2020: Alexis Gray-Lawson, Addy Clift Lead starters Voting Results

by David Walls

WUBA All-Star Game 2020: Alexis Gray-Lawson (5'8''-PG-87, college: California), Addy Clift (5'7''-G-96, college: Oklah.Christian) Lead starters Voting Results

Alexis Gray-Lawson is the winner of the fan votes for the 2020 WUBA All-Star Game. She is currently averaging 24.0 points per game for the Oakland Warriors. Addy Clift blows away the East voting by over 500 for the Oklahoma Ravens. She is currently averaged 24.6 points per game. 

The reserve All-Stars will be named December 1, 2020. Voting will be done by owners and coaches only. 

Western Conference All-Star Voting
1. Alexis Gray-Lawson (OAK) 1,871
2. Faatimah Amen-Ra (5'4''-G-91, college: MCC Toronto) (EBS) 1,846
3. Minyon Moore (5'8''-G-98, college: Oregon) (OAK) 1,539
4. Maranne Johnson (5'7''-G-96, college: Sacramento St.) (NOC) 1,009
5. Ameela Li (5'6''-G-97, college: Pacific) (NOC) 891

Eastern Conference All-Star Voting
1. Addy Clift (OKL) 1,848
2. Amber Holt (6'0''-SG-85, college: MTSU) (SG) 901
3. Carrie Washington (6'0''-F/C-94, college: Columbus St.) (SG) 863
4. Briana Williams (5'7''-G-92, college: Mercer) (GIE) 793
5. Hasina Muhammad (6'1''-G-93, college: Auburn) (SG) 663