WUBA Announces National League Schedule & Preseason Awards

by David Walls

Hot off the tails of the successful 2020 WUBA Draft, the WUBA has announced their schedule and preseason prediction awards for the 2020 National League season.

MVP - Alexis Gray-Lawson (5'8''-PG-87, college: California)
Defensive Player of the Year - Imani McGee-Stafford (6'7''-C-94, college: Texas)
Rookie of the Year - Asia Logan (6'1''-F-92, college: Pittsburgh)
6Woman of the Year - Yamel Abreu (5'9''-G/F-95)
Coach of the Year - Jared Johnson 
FIBA Player of the Year - Kristina Puthoff-King (5'11''-PG-92, college: Richmond)

The 2020-2021 WUBA National League will tip off on Sunday, October 4, 2020 and conclude on Sunday, December 13, 2020. This league will feature star talent such as Imani Mcgee-Stafford (WNBA), Alexis Gray-Lawson (WNBA) and Briana Williams (Germany). The National League will give opportunities for rookies to establish themselves in the professional market and for professionals to continue playing as they wait for their next season in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Working to create an environment that can lower the risk of COVID-19, all WUBA conferences will have required COVID-19 testing on site before each game. Our first priority is player safety and we are taking the necessary precautions to keep everyone healthy while still enjoying competition.

The National League will feature 3 WUBA Conferences around the country with 11 teams competing.

The conferences include:

Western Conference

Bay Area Jokers
East Bay Splash
Norcal Raiders
Oakland Warriors

Southern Conference

Atlanta Royalty
Georgia Disciples
Georgia Energy
GIE Maile Matrix
Southern Generals

Heartland Conference

Oklahoma Outlaws
Oklahoma Ravens
Houston Havok
Crescent City Bombers

This season will be a prequel to the long anticipated WUBA National Super League season that will begin May 30, 2021, and feature 3 new WUBA Conferences including Los Angeles, New York and the Carolinas. The National Super League will return top overseas athletes and provide a space where they can continue competing at a high level throughout the summer to keep in shape and fine tuned for their next season.

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