WUBA Partner with The DSTRKT

by David Walls

The DSTRKT Partnership 

The DSTRKT will be partnering with the WUBA Western Conference LA region for the 2021 National Super League Season. 

The DSTRKT is a sports complex focused on the development, empowerment, and deployment of health-conscious people of all ages and experience levels. 

Our foundation focuses on RESHAPING and REDEFINING culture, commerce, and community through sport via our four initiatives: mental health, technology, financial literacy, and nutrition/health and wellness

Horace Wormely, Frank Robinson, and  Roy Paras are huge advocates for the culture of basketball, this partnership with the WUBA allows them to  contribute to the standard of excellence and continued progress the women have established in our game. 

Horace explains that, “The DSTRKT and the WUBA Western Conference will provide a platform and ecosystem that will allow the Los Angeles community to leverage their various skills and expertise, network, and be inspired while inspiring others through the game of basketball.”

We are very excited for the start of the National Super League in the Western Conference this 2021 season! 



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