WUBA partners with Torneo Superior Femenino de Santiago (TSF)

by David Walls

TSF Femenina RD

Dominican Republic’s Santiago Femenina League Board Have Voted Unanimously to Support a Partnership with the WUBA League (USA).

The Santiago Femenina Board of Directors voted this past week to approve the proposed ‘TSF’ Feminina League, bringing together the Santiago Femenina League and the WUBA Pro League. This has been under consideration since 2020 when ABASACA Presidents, Robinsón y José Luís, revealed the project in Dominican news with La Liga Work and Cibao TV.

"I think the ABASACA and WUBA will mesh perfectly together," Robinsón y José Luís said. "We want to improve Santiago women’s basketball. This is the perfect partnership to do that. We have had our ladies playing in the United Cup for many years.  This is the time to bring both groups together.  Our goal is to improve our young players. So this is another potential avenue for them."

A statement on the Santiago Femenina League website on 16th May read: 'The general assembly of the Pro League today unanimously voted for an agreement in principle on the direction for the future ambition for TSF professional basketball.

'This future ambition is based on respect for the sporting aspirations for the top clubs and the need for economic stability for the other professional clubs. There is unanimous support to give the possible realization of the TSF League every opportunity. The management of the Pro League will now take an active role in this.

'The TSF Superior League must be accompanied by the assurance of economic stability for the other professional clubs through the creation of one national top league based on sustainable licensing and competition rules. The vision also means that the under-5 teams of the professional clubs can compete in the National Amateur series.'

Staying to date with the partnership of Santiago and the WUBA

The league has been announced as the Torneo Superior Femenino de Santiago (TSF) and will feature four professional clubs (Panteras de Cibao, Santiago Basket Titanes Femenino, Cibao Valley Dragons and Leona del Santiago). The WUBA is responsible for providing three import players per team to increase the talent of the league. The 15 import players will enter a draft pool where each team has a change to select the players of their choice. The top four teams will enter the playoffs pool during the Baloncesto Superior de Santiago.

The TSF season will begin March 11 and run until May 1, 2023. All games will be played at Gran Arena del Cibao, which is the home of the Metros de Santiago of the LNB. The basketball league will have the same model as the Baloncesto Superior de Santiago Men’s League. 

International Import guard Kristina King and former WNBA player Denesha Stallworth and Tocarra Ross (Athletes Unlimited) have already agreed to participate in the 1st inaugural season and serve as the first three players to sign with the basketball league.  Former WNBA player and coach Chasty Melvin has also agreed to join the league.  

WUBA Owner, Jermaine Barnes, has been announced as the new TSF President.  Barnes became a member of ABASACA the spring of 2022. 

“This is a very exciting time for our company”, said Barnes.  I want to continue to create opportunities for our ladies internationally."  Jose and Robinson Aracena are very good men.  They are the few in the country that work very hard for the future of basketball.  I want to also help the continuous growth of basketball in Santiago.  This is now home.  

The TSF Femenina League will be controlled by ABASACA, the governing party of the Baloncesto Superior de Santiago, and Trinity United LLC (US). 

TSF League Breakdown:

Teams: Panteras de Cibao, Santiago Basket Titanes Femenino, Hidalgas de Santiago, Cibao Valley Dragons and Leona del Santiago

Season Launch:  March 2023

Location: Gran Arena del Cibao


- Tip Off:  March 11, 2023

- TSF All-Star Game: April 17, 2023

- United Cup of Champions: June 22- 26 (2023)

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