WUBA Powerhouse returns: The Southern Generals are Back!!

by David Walls

WUBA Powerhouse returns:  The Southern Generals are Back!!

WUBA Record: 80-10

When asking who was the most dominate club in WUBA history, the name that comes to mind are the GIE Maile Matrix.  Mostly due to the star power of Patechia Hartman, Sherida Triggs and Kristina King.  But this is the furthest thing from the truth.  The Southern Generals have dominated the WUBA for a decade and were major contributors to the success and growth of the women’s professional league.  

So here we have it. The greatest team in WUBA history: the Southern Generals.

The Lady Generals reached the epitome of their greatness in the 2015-16 WUBA season.

In the 2012-13 season, the Southern Generals did not play to expectations. With one of their top players, Phebe Smith, sidelined from injuries there was a big hole needing to be filled. They got their answer when later in the season, Armelie Lumanu made a surprise push in the MVP race showing why she was a WNBA 2nd round draft pick.

However, her push didn’t significantly help the team’s fortunes, as they lost to the Atlanta Assault in the finals at Philips Arena (home of the Atlanta Dream). La’Keisha Sutton would be named 2013 Finals MVP which left a bad taste in the mouth of star coach Jared Johnson.

“It was a difficult situation losing in the fashion we did,” said Johnson.  "Clearly we were the better team, but when you’re missing some key players it hurts the strategy.  I made it my business to get us back to the championship the next season."                                

Thus, entering the 2013-14 season, there was no doubt that Johnson and the Lady Generals were ready to bring a title back to the Red and Blue.  

The Lady Generals continued to play as a team like in years past. Armelie Lumanu carried them in close games, hitting clutch shot after clutch shot.

In the end, the relentless Lady Generals finished the regular season with a WUBA-record 20 wins.

The team cruised through the playoffs and beat J.D. Barnes’ Lady Matrix to win another UBA title.

Certainly, the Lady Generals were back.

They would go on to win the most titles in league history with four; however, it didn’t just stop there. In 2016, the Southern Generals did the unthinkable becoming the first team in league history to three-peat (13-16).  Armelie Lumanu would become the All-Time Leader in points after the 2016-17 season with 2,000.


No team in the history of basketball has been great without a special coach.  Jared Johnson became the league's most winning coach over the seven year existence of the WUBA.  He was named Usbasket.com All-WUBA Coach of the Year 4 times along with 7 All-Star selections.  Outside of the ability to coach, Johnson became a master at recruiting the best talent in the league.  Johnson signed over 5 ex-WNBA players like Latoya Bond, A Lumanu, Courtney Hurt, and Shenneika Smith just to name a few. No star, however, was bigger than the 2015 signing of Basketball Hall Of Famer, Chamique Holdsclaw.  

“It has always been my passion to help the ladies move to the next level," said Johnson.  "Basketball is such a special game because it builds character."

In just seven seasons over 30 Lady Generals players have signed professional contracts overseas.

-          Christina Dewitt (Spain)

-          Phebe Smith (Finalnd)

-          Monet Johnson (Spain)

-          Chandra Harris (Turkey)

-          La’Keisha Sutton (Finland)

-          Nikita Gartrell (Iceland)

-          LeLe Harden (France)

-          Mattilyn McIntyre (Romania)

-          Armelie Lumanu (WNBA)

-          Toccara Ross (Switzerland) 

-          Courtney Hurt (Poland)

-          Tiffany Stansberry (Czech Rep.)

-          Alexis Winchell (Peru)

-          Ariel Hearn (Germany)

-          Starr Fairbanks (Romana)

-          Renee Phelps (Peru)

-          Dawn Maye (Switzerland)

-          Shenneika Smith (Turkey)

-          Corin Adams (Greece)

-          Treasure Johnson (Peru)

-          Lakia Stokes (Sweden)

-          Yanique Gordon (Turkey)

-          Arhonda Covington (Turkey)

-          Kristen Morris (Turkey)

-          Jori Davis (Italy)

-          Ramses Lonlock – Nimpa

-          Brianna Green (Spain)

The Lady Generals will play in the WUBA National league (Oct-Dec) along with the WUBA National Super League (May-Aug).  For more information follow us at www.wubalive.com.